Inpay payment services

Inpay are a new kind of online payment service. They use a network of linked bank accounts across the globe to deliver rapid bank transfers across borders. You pay to Inpay’s local account, and they release the same amount in the country you choose. It’s a simple and 100% secure system, where all funds remain in rock-solid banks and no heavyweight charges, fees or waiting times are applied. Inpay has the edge over credit cards, e-wallets and other payment services, offering partners a white label solution and support from five offices around the globe.
Inpay contracted Modern Copy to work with their CEO, technical and sales directors on strategy and content. Beginning in September 2014, the relationship with Inpay is ongoing as Inpay enters a period of rapid global expansion. In that time, we’ve produced:

  • Website
  • Sales literature
  • Internal communications
  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • Global writing guidelines
  • Press releases
  • Trade advertising
  • Video scripting

See the results by visiting the Inpay website