Coca-Cola Zero ParkLives

A poster advertising the ParkLives campaign for Coca Cola, from a campaign written by Modern Copy, a commercial copywriting company from London

Modern Copy were commissioned by Bulletproof to work on taglines for  Coca Cola’s ParkLives campaign. The client required two lines for a 6-sheet poster campaign in parks across the UK. The ParkLives campaign aimed to encourage people to engage in activities at their local park, and it needed to drive awareness and comprehension while being witty, inclusive, engaging and encouraging.

We broke down the copy brief into three core aims: to provide a sense of place, of movement and of story. We then took these aims and developed them alongside five themes; local, happy, sharing, playing and free. From this preliminary work, we drew up a longlist of c. 50 headlines and subheads for client review.

From client feedback, we developed 10 different routes for use in different poster placements and occasions, which also made it on to the website and associated campaign collateral. The campaign was supported by £20 million from Coca-Cola and was rolled out to more than 70 local parks across the UK. ParkLives carries on strong at the local level, thanks to the collateral kits given out to parks and volunteers which still feature our original copy lines.

Visit the Coca-Cola ParkLives website