Bacardi Oakheart

Our brief from Bacardi was to create a strategic copy document that would explore the essence of this new sub-brand of rum. Pack copy and campaign copy would be developed from the strategic copy, working alongside their design team at jkr. Modern Copy examined the target consumer, explored approaches to the brand copy and conducted a textual analysis of the competitor set. Speciality rums had been gaining momentum over the preceding few years, so the launch strategy for copy had to fit into the category while remaining unique – and legendary.

We developed copy through by defining language and tone that fit perfectly with the story behind the brand, and set a clear structure for all copy to follow in terms of information hierarchy – essential for the complex flavours and tasting notes of this product. From these tools, we provided three routes based on themes of: camaraderie; outdoors; work hard, play hard. Working alongside the design teams and client, we then developed the story behind this brand, a tale of adventure and pioneering spirit.

The results were used on packaging, point of sale, campaign and online.

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