Forces Sauces copy project with bluemarlin agency

Respect Deserved: The Creation of a Brand Hero from bluemarlin on Vimeo.

Just been sent a superb short video that explains some of the thinking behind Forces Sauces. It’s a condiment brand I was lucky enough to work on with the Stoll Foundation and bluemarlin this year, helping with tone of voice guidelines, campaign copy and packaging. Have a look to see how choosing a sauce can mean helping others – especially in the run up to Remembrance Day.


Lifelogging cameras challenge naming conventions

A photo of the white Narrative Clip lifelogging camera

The Memoto – or Narrative Clip

Modern Copy write about technology for quite a few commercial clients – we recently named Tesco’s THX electronic styling range, we’ve handled content for QinetiQ’s in-house magazine and we’ve just finished a project on cloud computing for a financial services client.

We’ve just finished writing a contribution for a newspaper about a new technology that could change many of our lives: lifelogging cameras.

Simply put, they’re wireless buttonhole cameras that take still photos of your everyday life – around 2000 photos a day.

The two main players are Autographer (launched last month) and Memoto (launching next month). Memoto, a Swedish company with venture backing, has just announced a last-minute name change to ‘Narrative Clip‘.

Let’s talk about names. Autographer is descriptive, evocative and classy. It tells you the owner is individual, has a mark to make in the world and wants to do it independently. It may sound a bit vintage to some, but the photographic link is clear.

Memoto is weird, but memorable. Again, it’s individual, but quirky and modern – nearly robotic, perhaps a touch of Japanese cool in there too. It rhymes with photo, but that’s a fairly weak connection.

Narrative Clip? The concept is to bring out the lifelogging aspect more, to accent the idea that your life is a story unfolding, a story that the camera helps you tell. The clip part has a double meaning. Firstly, it physically clips to your clothes. Secondly, it creates ‘clips’ in photos – but doesn’t that suggest it shoots movies, too? (It can’t shoot video.)

‘Narrative’ is now the company name, too, opening up more possibility for stretching the brand, but I’d say ‘Narrative Clip’ is a pretty dull effort compared to their previous product name.

We tested both cameras, and they’re fantastic, by the way. You can read what we thought in this weekend’s Sunday Times.