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Writing about the future: white paper on technology in 2030

Modern Copy have been writing copy for Grant Thornton for over five years, creating published reports on fields as varied as property, logistics, healthcare, education and technology. Our latest copywriting commission from the global financial advisory and auditing company was a white paper on technology in 2030. This covered a conference in late November where […]

Oxford’s Christmas branding project is a gift

              Cities like Oxford come alive at Christmas. That’s the magic that Modern Copy invested into this year’s ‘Oxford’s Christmas‘ festival, with branding, website creation, content strategy and copywriting. The branding began with a paper-cut motif that runs throughout the identity with accents of Oxford’s greatest landmarks, and with […]

How to get information to readers in different streams

We’ve been working for the last month or so with Magvault.com, the UK’s first (and so far, only) independent portal for digital magazines. Our content strategy has been multichannel, addressing the different issues that face the many users of digital magazines. That includes white papers for the commercial interests, press releases and PR decks for […]

Talking about sound in The Sunday Times

Modern Copy have lots of technology clients: some come to the company for branding or packaging, some for online content. We’re lucky because we get to test out some fantastic pieces of tech kit. Quite apart from our tech clients, however, we also get to test new equipment for The Sunday Times. Last week we […]

Infographic design and structure

                    Modern Copy loves infographics. These deceptively simple devices manage to communicate a lot of complicated information. When you dissect one, you start to see the patterns emerge beneath. Good infographics always have a narrative. They tell a story, with an intro, beginning, middle and end. […]

A really simple explanation to Google’s zoo updates

              Ever wondered what the difference between Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates are? For writers, it’s essential to know how the system has evolved. At a basic level, this isn’t hard to understand. We just received an update from Receptional  that manages to do it in just over […]